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Safe storage at btv technologies

Professional protection and constant inspections

At btv technologies, long-term storage and preservation of all electronic components is closely oriented according to the standard of DIN EN IEC 62435. Safety is further maximized by additional ESD protective packaging; storage in special locations which can also be spa-tially separated on request, minimizes the risk of failure significantly.


At btv technologies, a great range of electronic components can be stored:

  • Electronic devices, modules and control units
  • Experience with all electronic components
  • Flexible adaptation to any requirement
  • Professional pre-testing and evaluation of all conditions

For specific requirements or special conditions as regards your long-term storage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monitoring and analyses

btv technologies takes care of the most accurate monitoring as to all components stored.

  • Certified repacking process
  • Solderability tests, incl. micrographs
  • Cyclic power supply
  • Automated control via ERP system

By means of monitoring and analyses, btv technologies ensures 100 percent that your components stored with us are functional at all times, even over long periods of time.


At btv technologies, holistic long-term storage is in line with strict quality criteria.

  • Specially trained personnel
  • Authorization for the entire process
  • Short-term withdrawals are possible
  • Maximum flexibility

Your long-term storage is as safe as possible and as extensively supervised as necessary so that you will always be flexible.

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