30 years of btv technologies – Review of the company anniversary

2022 was a very special year for btv technologies as we celebrated our 30th anniversary. 30 years in which btv has always been a reliable and trustworthy partner. 30 years characterized by courage, innovation and a focus on the tak model as a promising concept for a supply chain revolution in the automotive and electronics industries.

On the occasion of this great event, an anniversary celebration was held on the company’s premises at its headquarters in Unna on September 16, 2022. In keeping with the circus theme, our employees and their families enjoyed a colorful festival with typical fairground attractions – duck fishing, can tossing and, for the younger guests, a carousel and bouncy castle were just some of the activities that could be tried out.

Of course, the appropriate catering could not be missing. For the physical well-being, various food trucks provided us with burgers, burittos, grilled chicken and sweet specialties such as waffles and brownies.

In addition to lots of treats and activities, there were several walking acts to keep our young and old guests entertained. Especially the little ones had a lot of fun with the clown Beppo on his Beppomobile, a hoverboard, which even our boss Mr. Julio Ortega was allowed to try out. The magician Fred Funke provided amazement with his card tricks and the LED artists Funkenspiel offered us a luminous show.

But not only our walking acts guaranteed entertainment, because what would a celebration be without music? Michael Meier and band accompanied us musically through the day. With old and new classics, there was something for everyone.

But why actually circus? The theme circus was deliberately chosen for our anniversary celebration, because the motto is also reflected at btv. btv technologies has benefited from unique people for 30 years. Each employee has their own competencies and skills that they bring to their daily work. The btv is a community that has stuck together for years and where everyone is an important member of the whole team.

This also became clear once again when Managing Director Mr. Julio Ortega took the microphone. In his speech, he looked back on the last 30 years and let all the guests take part in a journey through the past. Many colleagues have been with btv since its founding, some are newcomers. But without each individual, btv would not be where it is today.

As a special surprise there was also a big btv cake for our boss for the 30th anniversary.

In the evening and at the end of the celebration there was a special highlight: The artist group Funkenspiel provided for astonished eyes and great enthusiasm with an extraordinary fire show.

30 years are now behind us. But now we look to the future and look forward to the next 30 years.

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