Confirmed reliability –

many different certifications since 1995.

Committed to the highest standards

To promise quality is one thing – to guarantee and ensure quality is quite often another story. btv has always strived to be a reliable partner – and has therefore always and very fast obtained the decisive certifications since 1995.

Quality – confirmed and certified

Assured quality

We guarantee the greatest possible transparency and, with our quality agreements, offer a solid basis for joint business relationships for all participants in the supply chain.

Quality agreement for external providers (Third-Party)

Code of Conduct:
Responsibility for the supply chain

For btv technologies gmbh it goes without saying that we want to prevent violations of human rights and the environment in connection with our business activities. With this policy statement, we take the opportunity to communicate our own standards externally and, in particular, to pass them on to our valued suppliers in our supply chain, with the aim of being able to contribute to a social, just and environmentally friendly world.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct on our website is a general, mandatory part of our orders.

Sustainability along the supply chain

With its supply chain services, btv technologies gmbh can make a significant contribution to supporting our customers along the supply chain in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We want to help reduce the respective CO2 footprint by consolidating the supply routes.


btv technologies understands the commitment to sustainability along the supply chain as an important building block of joint business relationships.

Returns management

btv technologies is also a full-service provider in the logistics of electronic components. Thanks to 100% traceability and a step-by-step handling of components from the receipt of goods to reporting and quality control, you can focus on your supply chain only. This also includes the processing of complaints which we already handle for various customers from all sectors of the electronics industry.

Our services include:

  • Acceptance of the complaint
  • Analysis of the error pattern (e.g., by means of customer’s own test equipment)
  • Reporting to manufacturer and customer
  • Follow-up of complaint processing on the manufacturer’s side
  • Final reporting
  • Dispatch of the repaired or replaced components

btv technologies takes care of the most important steps in returns management, step by step – customized and tailored to your product and customer portfolio.

Regular audits secure our position as a reliable service provider. We see IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 not just as a quality certification, but as a commitment to our company.

Andreas Göttig, Head of quality management
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