Innovation and rethinking in automotive logistics

Volkswagen AG’s recent announcement that it will coordinate the procurement of strategically important semiconductors itself and thus rethink key aspects of its supply chain marks a turning point in the automotive industry. The industry faces the challenge of developing innovative concepts for the logistics of electronic components. In this context, solution providers like btv technologies are positioning themselves with new, innovative approaches.

Maximilian Krane, CEO of btv technologies, emphasises the positive development in awareness-raising among car manufacturers aimed at establishing stable and secure supply chains. Here he refers to the tak model developed by btv technologies: “The reorientation of German car manufacturers and suppliers towards more transparent prices, more stable supply chains and more agile logistics processes for semiconductors and electronic components is a compelling response to past bottlenecks. This not only strengthens their resilience in times of crisis, but also their adaptability to global challenges such as pandemics or geopolitical unrest,” explains Krane.

Maximilian Krane, CEO und Sven Vogel,CFO

btv technologies gmbh presents the tak logistics model, which clearly stands out from the conventional approaches of distributors. “The reliable price transparency and the cost-efficient orientation of the tak model have impressed and convinced renowned customers. Well-known companies at both manufacturer and tier 1 level are already working successfully with btv technologies’ tak model and have integrated it optimally into their supply chain processes,” adds Sven Vogel, CFO of btv technologies.

At a time when the automotive industry is facing dynamic change and uncertainty, German car manufacturers and their suppliers are increasingly turning to innovative approaches to make their supply chains more resilient, transparent and agile. The cooperation with solution providers like btv technologies is a step in this direction.

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