Safe storage for the future: our expertise for your security of supply

In today’s world, where security of supply plays a central role in the success of many industries, the long-term storage of electronic components is becoming increasingly important. Companies in the automotive, telecommunications and consumer goods sectors in particular are faced with the challenge of keeping their production lines running despite unforeseeable supply bottlenecks. The storage of semiconductors and other electronic components is of crucial importance here.

In this article, you will learn how btv technologies uses its experience, expertise and comprehensive safety measures to ensure the functionality of your components over long periods of time.

The importance of standard-compliant long-term storage

Compliance with standards is an essential aspect of the long-term storage of electronic components. At btv technologies, the entire storage process is based on the DIN EN IEC 62435 standard. This standard defines the requirements for the storage of semiconductors and electronic components in order to ensure their long-term functionality. The implementation of standardized processes for inspection, analysis and proper storage ensures that all components meet the highest quality standards. The standard-compliant approach minimizes the risk of component failure and ensures that customers can always rely on functional and reliable components. This is particularly important for industries such as the automotive sector, where the failure of individual components can have serious consequences.

Experience and expertise: the key to successful long-term storage

Since 2000, btv technologies has gained extensive experience and profound knowledge in the long-term storage of electronic components. This know-how is crucial in order to avoid harmful influences such as UV light, moisture and temperature fluctuations. For example, the formation of whiskers on tin surfaces can be prevented or at least slowed down by specific storage conditions.

Oxidation and diffusion are further processes that can be controlled by the expertise of btv technologies. This expertise enables customers to store their components for long periods of time without any loss of quality, which in turn increases security of supply and minimizes production downtime.

Independent quality confirmation by the Fraunhofer Institute ISIT

The quality of long-term storage at btv technologies has been confirmed by an independent study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute ISIT. This study proves the effectiveness of the storage processes and the high quality of the stored components. The independent confirmation offers customers additional security and confidence in the services of btv technologies. By cooperating with recognized research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute, btv technologies can ensure that its methods and processes are always state of the art and meet the highest quality standards. This independent confirmation underlines the competence of btv technologies and its leading role in the field of long-term storage.

Comprehensive safety measures for maximum functionality

Safety measures are a central component of the warehouse processes at btv technologies. The additional ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection and separate storage locations minimize the risk of component failure. In addition, certified repacking processes, solderability tests, cyclical energization and automated control via the ERP system are implemented to ensure the functionality of the components over long periods of time. These measures ensure that the electronic components continue to function perfectly even after years of storage and are ready for immediate use. For companies in the telecommunications industry, this means that their infrastructure is always up to date and that there is no downtime due to defective components.

Repacking process by btv technologies

The additional outer packaging has a shelf life of three years. (Shelf life: the time without a negative change in quality).

After a storage period of 2 years, the btv technologies ERP system triggers the new repackaging process, whereby the btv outer packaging is opened and the moisture indicator is checked. If the indicator shows no abnormalities, the manufacturer’s packaging is repacked.

If the moisture indicator of the opened outer packaging shows an abnormality, the manufacturer’s packaging is also opened and the indicator checked. If the result indicates that the components need to be dried, btv technologies can arrange this in accordance with JEDEC standard J-STD-033. The components are then returned to storage in new ESD outer packaging with the corresponding manufacturer’s instructions.

The long-term storage of electronic components is a complex challenge that requires maximum precision and comprehensive expertise. btv technologies clearly sets itself apart from other providers with its standard-compliant approach, many years of experience, independent quality confirmation and comprehensive security measures. Companies in the automotive, telecommunications and consumer goods sectors can rely on the expertise of btv technologies to guarantee their security of supply and avoid production downtimes. With btv technologies at your side, you are ideally equipped to meet the requirements of modern industry and keep your components functional in the long term.

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