This is how important service providers are in the current allocation phase

Key Player for the Supply Chain – So important are the service providers in the current allocation phase – btv Project Sales Manager Benjamin Schmidt explains correlations of modern supply chain issues at the COGD in Kassel.

Interview with Mr. Johannes-Benjamin Schmidt, Project Sales Manager, since 2017 at btv technologies gmbh

With several years of experience in project management of electronic components and parts, Mr. Johannes-Benjamin Schmidt has become a reliable contact person for one of the largest automotive suppliers in Germany, Europe and worldwide. When serving his customers, he relies on clear structures and honest answers to each individual question. The current allocation phase in particular requires clear communication and good cooperation with the various OEMs.

The current shortage of components is causing changes in process handling in the automotive industry and Mr. Schmidt and his team also have to face special challenges. Above all, open communication with the OEMs, but also with the customers, is an important part of the process management.

“btv technolgies sees itself as a customer-specific logistics service provider in the supply chain of electronic components. Every process and every project handled by btv is customized. The process design is mainly in the hands of our customer, we as btv are subsequently responsible for the implementation. In doing so, we focus on the needs and specifications of the customer and organize and coordinate the complete logistics.”

The tak model of btv technologies offers two essential services:

  • 100 % security of supply
  • A transparent and margin-independent pricing system

Supply security in times of allocation: The qualified, modular system of btv technologies offers its customers the chance to decide from a variety of components which components are important for them. The current focus of the tak model is on delivery reliability. To deliver on this promise, btv technologies has a safety stock and a forecast placed with OEMs.

“Due to a security warehouse specially agreed with the customer, we are able to supply our customers exactly on the day. In this way, we can counteract a belt standstill. To prevent a production stop, we receive all important information from our customers, such as when which quantity of which component is needed. This early planning allows us to request critical components directly from OEMs. Next to the existing safety stock, we have placed a rolling forecast created by an algorithm. Through our forecast we create an increased planning reliability with the supplier and through the consolidation of orders we are able to finally receive deliveries and to pass them on to our customers on time. This also absorbs fluctuations in the market and the supply chain is 100% secured”.

In order to bring the small amounts of available goods to the right place in times of allocation, the expert of btv technologies gmbh works closely together with the key accounts:

“Since the beginning of the year, we have been working in close contact with an allocation manager from one of the largest automotive suppliers. It supports us in the distribution of electronic components. A joint process is used to decide which customer needs goods most urgently or which projects are most important.”

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