Blue light for safe volume programming

Security in detail: the btv seel® process strengthens microchip programming

In the shiny world of IoT and automotive technologies, it’s not just about advanced functions and interfaces. The true test of technology lies in its security – especially during the critical microchip programming process.

This is where btv seel® comes into play, an innovation from btv technologies. While the responsibility for developing the software lies with the manufacturers, btv seel® concentrates on securing the programming process of this software in the microchips. This phase is crucial because this is where security gaps can arise that jeopardize the integrity of the entire product range.

What makes btv seel® so special?

It is our advanced 4k key technology and RAM-based data processing that provide maximum security during transmission and software programming. This combination protects against unauthorized access and data theft, an essential protection in today’s networked world.

btv seel® therefore stands not only for technological innovation, but also for a profound understanding of the importance of safety coupled with flexibility in integrating the safety process into the customer’s production chain. This is particularly important for volume programming, as btv seel® adapts to customer processes by integrating itself into the customer’s process chain when generating keys and certificates and validating the flashed software.

We help our partners to establish a basic level of security – where it matters most. In the creation of the end product: in the programming process.

The btv seel® process is a crucial element in the safety concept. It ensures that the software you develop reaches the microchips without compromising security. This minimizes a significant risk in the production chain and ensures the integrity of the end products.

At a time when cyber security is increasingly becoming the linchpin, btv seel® is positioning itself as an indispensable piece in the security puzzle. By securing the programming process, we give our partners the confidence that their products are not only functional, but also fundamentally secure.

Would you like to find out more about how btv seel® can strengthen the security of your product portfolio from the core? Contact us for detailed advice at

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