Security. Predictability. Adherence to schedules.

No allocation with btv technologies

Precise planning to avoid line stoppages

Uncompromising security of supplies even during allocations. This is btv technologies‘ promise to its customers.

Access to functional stocks of components for years after the end of production of a component: long-term storage at btv technologies secures long-term needs and requirements – of course ensured by proven and transparent working processes that support obsolescence management in line with the important industry standards, thus ensuring continuous production to our customers.


To ensure the best availability possible as regards your electronic components, btv technologies guarantees maximum reliability and security:

  • Safe storage of your components
  • Periods far beyond 10 years
  • Automated call-off of your long-term components
  • Handling via call-off contracts
  • Prompt access, possible at any time
  • Complete takeover of third-party logistics

Rapid availability of all components stored is only one of the advantages that supply security through btv technologies guarantees.

Life cycle

At btv technologies, the entire life cycle of electronic components such as microchips, assemblies or even complete modules and control units is in safe hands. The advantages are obvious:

  • Optimized projection over the entire life cycle
  • Availability even after discontinuation
  • Avoidance of costs and time-consuming redesigns
  • Detailed tracing and reporting

When working with btv, supplies are guaranteed by these and other advantages.

Supply chain

We see ourselves as an important hub in the supply chain for electronic components.

  • Seamless traceability beginning at goods reception
  • Maximum traceability throughout the entire long-term storage process
  • Complete supply strategy through value-added services from a single source

btv technologies thus optimizes and strengthens the supply chain of its customers.

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The production cycles of components do not always coincide with the long-term planning and projects of our customers. With our long-term storage, we can remedy this and guarantee top-quality products even years after the end of production.

Katrin Ryzov, Key-Account Manager
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