Secure your production.

In the long range. Reliably. Cost-effectively.

a solid solution for all challenges

The tak-model offers maximum planning security and a perspective for your production. We prevent line stoppages, we take the pressure off allocation, and we ensure that no more costs are incurred than the manufacturer price negotiated by you plus the services you ordered.

The modular structure offers the opportunity to adapt the tak-model exactly to your individual requirements – right up to the inclusion of value-added services for all electronic components depending on your needs and requirements, either on a large scale or tailor-made for special projects.


Performance-based invoicing, purely transaction-based and completely independent of the goods value: this is the great advantage of the tak-model in the logistics chain.

Benefit from a dedicated consignment warehouse and a precise reporting on costs and logistics – customized to your specifications and individual needs.


tak is the modular logistics concept for guaranteed and constant supply of components. The spectre of allocation leading to line stoppages is no longer an issue you have to worry about.

All-inclusive manufacturer management, a flow of goods without involving intermediate trade or additional trade margins plus the 100% guarantee that contractually negotiated goods will always be ready for you are the milestones that make the tak-model a unique solution in the market.


From a financial point of view, the tak-model also offers significant advantages for you. We pass on manufacturer prices one-to-one and only invoice the services you have selected from our modular range of services. This tak-price is 100% fixed. This allows you to benefit from the full potential of cost optimizations.

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