btv seel®

Maximum security for Secure Element Programming

Secure Element Programming

Secure Element Programming refers to the programming process of security-relevant electronic components. With btv  seel® the entire process ensures protection against unauthorized access and enables the secure processing of confidential and cryptographic data. IoT ready.

The btv seel®-technology is already known as a  highly flexible safety system for all common programming machines in use and demonstrably meets the safety requirements of our customer
We proove for our standard:

Data security is guaranteed throughout the entire programming process.

Your advantages at a glance

Programming safety-relevant electronic components with btv seel® offers you clear advantages:

  • Secure programming, powerful technology
    btv seel® uses advanced 4k key technology for a secure microchip programming process.

  • Reliable protection for networked devices
    btv seel® secures and protects your data during the entire programming process.

  • Stability in your production 
    Minimize risks in your production chain and ensure the integrity of your end products. btv seel® is physically secure, equipped with robust hardware and protected against unauthorized access.

  • Trust in modern technologies 
    btv seel®
    strengthens confidence in the security and reliability of your smart products.

  • Flexibility and security
    btv seel® integrates flexibly into customer processes and supports key generation, certification and software validation to ensure comprehensive security in volume programming.

It remains modular and not limited to standards.
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Integration of customised encryption components

Of course, the individual process integration of customer-specific applications in btv seel® is also possible. Every requirement and prerequisite can be integrated into the process, creating the greatest possible transparency for you and your projects with complete flexibility.

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Customers of btv technologies’ secure provisioning services benefit from an attractive and competitive pricing matrix. Contact us!


Broadly positioned

The technology of btv seel® simultaneously supports a large number of Secure Elements and security-enabled microprocessors and microcontrollers from numerous manufacturers. Contact us for more information.


Europe-wide – IoT ready

At two European locations, we offer you service from A-Z, while applying existing laws and standards that naturally protect sustainability and human rights.


Models for every business

btv technologies is not a distributor. btv technologies is the service and logistics partner for customers worldwide. With a unique logistics concept and outstanding services.

With btv seel® we not only focus on the highest safety standards, but also enable seamless integration into existing production processes. It is the key to offering our customers not only security, but also flexibility and efficiency.

Markus Königshaus, Head of Programming and Production

Safety in detail: the btv seel® process

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